Sixes Rules


Sixes Rules


In October of 2023 the IOC announced that lacrosse will return to the Olympics in 2028 in a new 6-on-6 game format played with 12-person rosters. In "Sixes," all runners carry short-sticks and move as midfielders, navigating a modified Hybrid field at the MAC.


When a shot goes out of bounds in a traditional field lacrosse game, the ball is awarded to the player closest to where and when it goes out of bounds. Offenses are able to retain possession after wide shots by maintaining their spacing along the perimeter.

In Sixes, shots are officiated like passes. A missed shot that sails out of bounds now belongs to the defense, regardless of who is closest where and when it goes out.


The :30-second shot clock is the fastest in lacrosse – down from a full-field PLL game (:52), NCAA men’s (:80), NCAA women’s (:90), and the international game (no shot clock).

Quick Restarts After Goals

Sixes lacrosse emphasizes tempo by encouraging quick restarts. After a goal is scored, the goalie initiates play. Faceoffs only occur at the beginning of each quarter.

In the high-scoring Sixes format, this reduces the stoppages in play required to substitute and set up for faceoffs following each goal.

Game Format

  • We will be using the World Lacrosse rulebook with some minor alterations following PLL SIXES
  • Full gear required
  • 6 players on the field per team — 1 goalie + 5 field players — short-sticks ONLY
  • A face-off to start each quarter, with goalies passing the ball out of their own net after a goal
  • Four 10-minute quarters
  • Three (3) minute intermissions following the first and third quarter
  • Five (5) minute halftime

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