Vision + Mission


To be the leader in youth athlete development, through positive, competent and innovative coaching methods, in a variety of sports.


To provide the youth who commit to the MAC, a positive and empowering environment to improve and develop into the athlete they can become. Provide the tools, facilities, equipment, encouragement, and challenges that will give that individual the confidence and opportunity to become a better person through athletic pursuits. 

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Show our athletes that they matter to us!

  • BE DEPENDABLE - Be someone our athletes can trust
  • LISTEN - Really pay attention when you’re connecting with them.
  • BELIEVE IN THEM - Make our athletes feel known and valued.
  • BE ENGAGING - Show them that you enjoy being around them.
  • ENCOURAGE - Praise them for their efforts and achievements on and off the field.


Push our athletes to keep getting better!

  • EXPECT THEIR BEST - Expect our players to live up to their potential.
  • STRETCH - Push our athletes to go further.
  • REFLECT OF FAILURES - Help our athletes learn from mistakes and setbacks.
  • HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE - Insist they take responsibility for their actions.


Help our athletes reach milestones and achieve goals!

  • NAVIGATE - Guide our athletes through hard situations and systems.
  • EMPOWER - Build their confidence to take charge of their life.
  • ADVOCATE - Defend our athletes when they need it.
  • SET BOUNDARIES - Put in place limits that keep our athletes on track.


Treat our players with respect and give them say in the appropriate conversations!

  • RESPECT - Take our athletes seriously and treat them fairly.
  • INCLUDE THEM - Involve our athletes in decisions that affect them.
  • COLLABORATE - Work with them to solve problems and to reach goals.
  • LET THEM LEAD - Create opportunities for them to take action and lead.


Connect our athletes with coaches and places that broaden their world!

  • BROADEN HORIZONS - Expose our athletes to new skills, concepts and systems.
  • INSPIRE - Inspire them to see possibilities for their future.
  • CONNECT - Introduce them to more people who can help them develop and thrive.

Learn More

Don't hesitate to reach out to any of our staff members whenever the need arises – whether you seek clarification, wish to share your thoughts, or have any concerns.

Our dedicated team of coaches and leaders represents the cornerstone of our endeavor, embodying the very spirit of our mission. With an commitment to their roles, they work to ensure our vision is brought to life with genuine passion and the utmost respect.

We encourage you to get to know the coaches and staff through their profiles . They each contribute a unique perspective and a wealth of expertise to our shared goals. Their efforts are a testament to the dedication that underpins every facet of our organization.

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