The Minnesota Athletic Club (MAC) was started by Rich Limpert and Terry Griffith over a decade ago. Both were involved in coaching and managing the men’s lacrosse team at the University of Minnesota. The opportunity to work with the best lacrosse players in the state gave us the inspiration to develop a club and philosophy that was unique in the region. Both men played multiple sports through the collegiate level and believed that this diversity in sports allowed them to perform at higher levels and prevented the burnout that they witnessed in other athletes.

As their own young athletes were getting involved in youth leagues, they were surprised and disappointed in the pressure to focus on one sport at very young ages. As a result, the men determined that they could offer an alternative to this mindset. Understanding the benefits of multisport athletes, they defined the MAC programming around the calendars of other sports, leagues and levels as much as possible, to provide an athlete option that didn’t exist prior. They worked to balance the training and schedules around youth associations for instance, so athletes could enjoy the opportunity to play a sport with their friends in their communities and not impede the value and experience of the youth association.


Additionally, the athletes that Rich and Terry worked with at the “U” had been important players in a variety of sports in their high schools. As Rich and Terry defined the program/club that would become the MAC, the focus was on engineering programming and training, to minimize conflicts with these other sports and programs as much as possible.


This respect for the multisport athlete continues and the MAC philosophy allows us to focus on those athletes so they achieve success regardless of the sport. Additionally, the MAC is committed to promoting the sports of lacrosse and hockey in the community to improve the overall level of competition in these sports for girls and boys.

Empowering Athletes

We inspire each athlete to build and improve skills that will position them for success in their next level of competition. Our team of coaches and staff members offers individualized guidance and support, enabling athletes to realize their maximum potential.

Comprehensive Training

Throughout the season, we provide a wide array of training programs designed to enrich skills and promote ongoing progress. These innovative development schemes are tailored to challenge athletes, broaden their capabilities, and elevate their performance on the field or in the rink.

Sports IQ Enhancement

We understand that

triumph in sports extends beyond individual skills. Our commitment lies in encouraging the complete development of our athletes, including their sport IQ (comprehension of the game, strategies, roles and decision-making). Our coaches and practice plans delivers comprehensive instruction and insightful perspectives to empower athletes to excel in every facet of the game.

The net result of all of this activity and focus has led us to the realization that we could not achieve our goal and mission while not controlling our scheduling completely. Rich and Terry were not satisfied with the lack of control and ultimately made the decision to search for a facility of their own. That is the genesis of the Minnesota Athletic Complex (the MAC).

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