Leadership Staff

Rich Limpert

Founder / COO


Terry Griffith

President / CEO


Message from our Founders

We are proud and filled with gratitude for the profound impact that the games of lacrosse + hockey have had on our personal and professional lives. Lacrosse, often referred to as the "creator's game," is deeply entrenched in culture and discipline. It serves as a conduit for young athletes, regardless of gender, enabling them to grasp invaluable life lessons that are intricately woven into the fabric of every lacrosse player's character.

Lacrosse is an electrifying and fast-paced pursuit, calling for unwavering dedication and unyielding resilience. It possesses the ability to humble even the strongest, a persistent trial that lingers for those who permit it. However, through steadfast determination, one becomes sculpted by its challenges, emerging as a more resilient and empowered individual.

Hockey, deeply ingrained in the realm of the 10,000 lakes and the revered state of hockey that we proudly call home, has demanded the utmost from us—both physically and mentally. It has compelled us, along with fellow athletes, to continually strive for improvement. Now, we are privileged to channel this dedication into inspiring young athletes to unlock their full potential.

Each passing day, we find immense pride in embarking on this journey and in observing the evolution of every athlete into exceptional young men and women. This role is a privilege and an honor that our families deeply cherish.

- Rich Limpert & Terry Griffith

Leadership Staff

Ben Gavin


Steven Frosch

Sports Marketing Director

Colleen Roth

Operations Manager


Aaron Peterson

Boys H.S. Lacrosse Director


Chloe Benadum

Girls H.S. Lacrosse Director

Jonnie Zook

Hockey Director


AJ Croucher

Youth Lacrosse Director


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Our team of dedicated coaches and leaders is at the heart of what we do, fully embracing our mission's spirit. They work hard in their roles to make sure our vision comes to life with real passion and deep respect.

Feel free to explore the profiles of our skilled staff members, each bringing their own unique perspective and expertise to our common goals. Their tireless work shows how dedicated we are to everything we do in our organization.

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