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We feel that how you reach the players can be more important than what you're trying to reach them with.  If the approach is off, the valuable message can be lost.  When players are engaged in what they are doing, they will most likely retain what we're trying to teach them.  That's why our staff is being selected on how they live the game.


We grew up playing this game because it's fast, exciting and most of all... it's fun.  We love this game of lacrosse and the coaches that are on the field with our players are there for a specific reason.  They've been through the grind as a player, know what it takes to get to the next level and the best way to do it. 

A player who loves the game and the people they are playing it with is a great place to learn.  Loving the game and finding new ways to prepare is part of our reason for forming the MAC.

The staff members listed below are who we look to develop our MAC lacrosse players and build the memories they'll keep for a lifetime.

Rich  Limpert

Rich Limpert

Program Director

Ben   Gavin

Ben Gavin

Director of Operations

 Eric   Fong

Eric Fong

Personnel Coordinator

Steve   Van Sloun

Steve Van Sloun

MLC Elite Team Coach

Amar  Batra

Amar Batra

Head Coach

 Aaron   Peterson

Aaron Peterson

Director of Boys Lacrosse

 Connor   King

Connor King


Michael  Catterall

Michael Catterall

Head of Lacrosse Operations