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The organization will pursue success on the field and promote the sport of lacrosse by demonstrating the highest level of excellence and integrity in our athletes and staff. We will strive to be their premier lacrosse program that others aspire to become.
This organization will support the continuing development of athletes by:
  • Encouraging the athlete to develop skills that position them for success at the next level they are pursuing
  • Offering extensive training opportunities and innovative development programs during the season
  • Supporting the development of an athletes' overall skill and lacrosse IQ


The purpose of our program is to develop lacrosse skills, teach and promote physical and competitive development, teach a sense of fair and honest play, promote good sportsmanship and to encourage, aid and support the means for the playing of lacrosse.
Our coaching staff will strive to allow all athletes similar playing time during games and throughout a tournament. Coaches are to focus on the athletes' development throughout the period of the teams’ activities. Their objective is to help the athletes develop in a manner that positions the players to improve their standing within their association and high school teams during the next season.

For instance, it is our coach’s objective to help a JV player improve enough to have a solid chance of making the Varsity team. For Varsity level players, we intend to improve the skills that will help the athlete compete for a position at the collegiate level. The individual athlete's improvement will rest largely on his/her effort and commitment but the coaches will do their part to offer direction and support for the athlete.
The programs’ purpose extends beyond the playing field, as well. Our success will incorporate the personal and team development required to achieve the athlete’s personal goals. The program will develop opportunities for our athletes to build a strong network of friends during their time with the team.